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CalEPA Releases Phase 1 Green Chemistry Options Report

Posted 01/31/08



Sacramento, CA - CalEPA today released a report detailing the results of the first phase of the Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI), namely to identify, catalogue, and categorize ideas regarding Green Chemistry.  Roughly 800 ideas and comments were submitted to CalEPA over the course of the last 6 months from a broad array of stakeholders, including CICC and member companies.  The report is available on-line directly from CalEPA.  Click here


The phase 1 options report identifies several key elements from the options submitted by manufacturers, industry, environmental groups, academics, labor organizations, and the public.  The following key elements form the basis for the policy frameworks to be evaluated this spring:

·         Training future scientists in green chemistry at our universities

·         Incorporating the principles of Green Chemistry in the Education and the Environment Initiative

·         Developing global chemical information using California IT leadership and strategic partnerships through MOUs with Canada and the European Union

·         Expanding pollution prevention assistance to California's businesses

·         Leading by example - Moving the state procurement process to incorporate cradle-to-cradle life-cycle costs in purchasing

·         Strengthening consumer protection laws for toxics in products

·         Improving information for consumers so they have the ability to choose safer products in the marketplace

·         Creating a new framework for consideration and action on chemicals and their product applications with an effective compliance system


The Chemical Industry Council of California has been and remains a strong advocate for the principles of green chemistry and green engineering. . . .  "Our members routinely implement the principles of green chemistry and green engineering in their daily commitment to sustainable chemistry and sustainable development," said CICC Executive Director, John Ulrich.


"Today's release by CalEPA . . . is a significant milestone.  CICC compliments CalEPA Secretary, Linda Adams, Director of the Department of Toxic Substances Control, Maureen Gorsen, and the interagency staff for their leadership in defining and implementing a unique and highly transparent process . . . ."


"Today's report by itself is not determinative," said Ulrich.  "The next phase will become more challenging as the abstract becomes concrete and broad generalizations give way to specifics," he added.  Nonetheless, CICC, encouraged by the transparency and balance exhibited by CalEPA during the initial exercise, is cautiously optimistic that progress can be made on many of the difficult issues that lie ahead.  The key to future progress and the successful development of a new regulatory paradigm will be reliance by all parties on scientific integrity.   Click here to Read Press Release

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