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Negotiations on “Green Chemistry” Bills Continue!

Ingredient Identification Bill SB 509 in Trouble - Posted 08/19/0198


Please note:  The situation is changing rapidly and this article is posted only to identify the status of the bills and CICC's position as of August 19th. 


Sacramento - Negotiations continued Monday into the early evening as legislators, industry lobbyists, NGO's and representatives from the Governor's office tried to resolve the potentially fatal issues swirling around SB 509 (Simitian, D -Palo Alto).   Last week CICC reported what appeared to be a deal on two bills, AB 1879 (Feuer, D - LA) and SB 509. Together, the two would set in motion the legislative framework for implementing the Governor's Green Chemistry Initiative (See 8/15/08 story in CICC News.).  However, on Friday 8/15/08 and continuing over the past weekend, support for a negotiate compromise to SB 509 began to evaporate among members of the NGO community.   


This bill (SB 509) requires ingredient disclosure for certain products while providing trade secret protections with penalties for those who would abuse the privileges.  The bill has been heavily lobbied by the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) and consumer right-to-know advocates.   The bill is intended to complete the legislative framework for implementation of the Green Chemistry Initiative


The Administration drafted substitute language for SB 509 but backed off upon learning a compromise had been struck between the negotiating parties.  Unfortunately, once out of the tube, one cannot put the toothpaste back.  Parties are now split over the proposal which threatens to derail both bills.  Assembly Judiciary Committee has exercised jurisdiction over SB 509 and has called for a hearing, and Senate Environmental Quality has called for a rehearing of AB 1879.  As of this writing, neither Committee has scheduled a hearing date for the respective bills.   


CICC is and has been supportive of a process for regulating chemicals based on sound science.   We believe AB 1879 as substituted and SB 509 as previously negotiated can form the foundation for such a process.  SB 509 by its very nature will provide valuable input to the scientific identification and prioritization process authorized in AB 1879.   CICC views the two bills (AB 1879 as substituted and SB 509 as negotiated) as symbiotic.  If SB 509 is amended in the direction of the Administration's proposal, CICC will need to carefully reevaluate its position on both measures.     


Please continue to monitor CICC's website www.cicc.org   for most recent developments or contact the CICC office at 916-989-9692  

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