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Major Events In Final Weeks of 2007 - 2008 Biennial Legislative Session



CICC Supported "Green Chemistry" Bills Signed into Law

Governor Vetoes Perfluorinated Compound Ban

Senate Refuses Passage of Bill to Ban BPA

(Updated 10/01/08)





-Chaptered -SB 509 (Simitian)   Consumer products: content information; removed from inactive 7/15/ 08; placed on 3rd reading on Assembly floor; amendments pending; re-referred to Asm Cmte on Judiciary; 8/20/08 - Administration brokered compromise may clear way for deal on AB 1879 and SB 509; bill will be 'gutted and amended' to remove ingredient disclosure language and insert Hazard Trait Clearinghouse plus additional provisions; 8/21 ASM Judiciary Cmte relinquishes jurisdiction - moved to third reading; 8/22 bill amended and read a third time; 8/25 passed Assembly 54 - 13; 8/31  returned to Senate for concurrence vote, Passed 25 -12

CICC Position:  Support 

- News Coverage 

·         CICC Press Release 08/22/08


·      Governor Signs "Green Chemistry" Bills Click here


- Vetoed - SB 1313 (Corbett) Product safety: perfluorinated compounds  Passed by Senate and referred to Asm Toxics Cmte, passed Toxics Cmte and referred to Asm Health Cmte, failed passage in Asm Health, granted reconsideration, amended and set for reconsideration in Asm Health Cmte 6/24/08; Passed Asm Health on 6/24/08; third reading Assembly Floor; 8/13/08 amended,  failed passage on Assembly floor 8/18 - reconsideration granted; 8/21/08 amended; to third reading; 8/27 passes 43 to 31 on reconsideration.    8/31  Senate concurred in Assembly amendments, measure passed with 21 vote minimum vote;  CICC Position:  Opposed - Urges Governor to Veto Measure

 - News Coverage

·          "California Assembly rejects two bills on chemical bans" - 08/19/08


·        Governor Vetoes SB 1313 (Corbett)     Click here






-Chaptered  AB 1879 (Feuer)  Hazardous materials: toxic substances - Passed by Assembly and referred to Sen. EQ, Amended, Passed Sen. EQ on 6/23/08 and re-referred, to Sen. Appropriations w/author's commitment to amend bill and return it to EQ Cmte for review before proceeding to Sen. floor; Discussions with author and proponents re: amendments reach an impasse; bill set for hearing in Sen. Appropriations on 7/14/08; placed on Suspense; 8/7/08 removed from Suspense passed Appropriations without amendments, amended and placed on third reading 8/12/08; file number 194, Senate EQ; has called for return of bill to Cmte for re-hearing - Administration brokered compromise may clear way for deal on AB 1879 and SB 509 8/21/08- Sen. EQ approves AB 1879 on vote of 5 to 2; CICC testifies in support of measure; to Senate Floor, passed 24 - 13; 8/31 returned to  Assembly for concurrence vote; 8/31 Passed 64 - 12.  CICC Position:  Support


- News Coverage


·         CICC Press Release 08/22/08


·         "A boost for the Green Chemistry Initiative08/22/08


·     Governor Signs "Green Chemistry" Bills Click here





Soundly Defeated on Sen. Floor SB 1713 (Migden) Children's products: bisphenol - Passed by Senate and referred to Asm Toxics Cmte, passed Toxics Cmte and referred to Asm Health Cmte, Passed Asm Health; amended 8/7/08; failed passage on Assembly floor 8/18 - reconsideration granted; 8/22 amended, moved to third reading; 8/29 DEAD; CICC Position: Opposed

- News Coverage

·         "Calif. weighs chemical ban in baby bottles" - 08/11/08


·        "FDA: Chemical found in plastic bottles is safe" - 08/15/08


·         "California Assembly rejects two bills on chemical bans" - 08/19/08


Died on Sen. Floor  AB 706 (Leno) Fire retardants (brominated).  Failed passage on Senate floor by a single vote in September 2007; granted reconsideration; placed on Senate inactive file in February 2008; amended and removed from inactive file; returned to Senate EQ Committee; passed EQ on 08/06/08 by vote of 4 to 1; moved to third reading on Senate floor, 8/19/08 CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs registers Administration's opposition to bill, 8/22 amended and returned to second reading, 8/26 passage refused - 15 Ayes - 19 Noes; CICC Position: Opposed 

-  Died in Sen. Approps CmteAB 514 (Lieber) Workplace safety and health (this bill was a last minute 'gut and amend' effort to revive the language in  AB 515 - a bill which died earlier in session in Sen. EQ Cmte - the defeat of AB 514 marks the third time in four years the proposal has been rejected); Author attempting to resurrect language in AB 1183 (Hancock Lieber); See status report on AB 1183 below; Bill Status AB 514/515: Both Dead;  CICC Position: Opposed/Opposed



-  Died in Sen. Approps CmteAB 558 (Feuer)  Chemical substances: testing, Bill Status: Dead; CICC Position:  Opposed Position



- Gutted,  Objectionable Language Removed- AB 1183 (Hancock Lieber) 8/29 Assignment to Rules Cmte rescinded - gutted, PEL language removed, replaced with budget trailer language; 8/30 returned to 3rd Reading; Author attempted and failed 4 times.  CICC Position: Oppose changed to No Position



-  Sidetracked -Died in Rules Cmte - AB 2175 (Laird)  Water Conservation; from Sen. Nat'l Resources and Water Cmte; amended 8/22; to Sen. third reading; returned to Rules Cmte, amended; returned to second reading; 8/30 to third reading; 8/31 returned to Senate Rules Committee;  CICC Position: Oppose

- News Coverage 

·          Coalition Opposition Letter  08/21/08    


-  Died in Sen. Approps Cmte - AB 2505 (Brownley) Hazardous waste: polyvinyl chloride packaging container; Bill Status: Dead; CICC Position:  Opposed  


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