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2008 Website Articles

Complete National and State Election Returns
Strickland beats Jackson, Sieglock falls to Huber, Fran Florez unsuccessful over Gilmore, and McClintock holds-on to win over Charlie Brown - 12/23/08
CARB Adopts Controversial Climate Change Plan
Board Moves Aggressively as State Faces "Financial Armageddon" - Posted 12/12/08
President-elect Obama Names Environmental Policy Team
Posted 12/12/08
California 2008 Election Results
Daily Updates from CA Secretary of State's Office .
Searles Valley Minerals Wins Sustainability Award
IEA/CMTA/CICC - Updated 11/11//08
Lisa Johnson Assumes CICC Chairmanship
Tom Jacob, Vice-Chair and Martha Murray, Secretary /Treasurer - Updated 10/23/08
DTSC Director Announces P2 Challenge Award Honorees
General Chemical & Ampac Fine Chemicals Receive Recognition - Updated 11/11/08
Environmental Summit - Huge Success
Searles Valley Minerals Wins Sustainability Award - Updated 10/23/08
"All's Well That Ends Well"
Major Events In Final Weeks of 2007 - 2008 Biennial Legislative Session
Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes SB 1313 (Corbett)
Bill Would Have Banned Certain Perfluorinated Compounds - Posted 9/30/08
Gov. Signs Nation's First Green Chemistry Program
Updated 09/30/08
Governor Signs State Budget with Budget Reform
Posted 09/23/08
Second Budget Compromise Reached
Legislature Approves Budget - Sends to Governor - Updated 09/22/08
CICC Supported “Green Chemistry” in Holding Pattern
Updated 09/18/08
Governor Delivers Remarks at Fresno Budget Rally
Fate of the Green Chemistry Bills Remains in Limbo - Posted 09/18/08
Governor Holds Press Conference on State Budget
“. . . when they send me the budget, I will veto it.” - Posted 09/16/08
California Lawmakers Pass Budget Despite Veto Threat
Governor Demands More Restrictions on Future Spending - Posted 09/16/08
2008 End-of-Session Wrap-up
Updated 09/03/08
CICC Advocates for Passage of AB 1879
Companion Bill SB 509 Amended on Assembly Floor as Agreed - Posted 08/23/08
Senate Committee Gives Nod to AB 1879
CICC Testifies in Support of “Green Chemistry” Bill - Posted 08/22/08
Industry and Others Re-evaluate Positions on “Green Chemistry” Bills!
Administration Brokered Deal Cuts Both Ways - Posted 08/21/08
CFATS Conference - Oakland, CA - 08/21/08
Co-sponsors: CICC, OHS, Homeland Security Firm of Steven E Roberts, P.A.
Negotiations on “Green Chemistry” Bills Continue!
Ingredient Identification Bill SB 509 in Trouble - Posted 08/19/0198
Major Developments in Green Chemistry Negotiations!
Administration Proposes Framework for Comprehensive Chemicals Regulation Bill - Tentative Agreement Struck on Ingredient Identification Bill - Posted 08/15/08
Bush Signs Bill Banning Phthalates and Lead from Toys
Strengthens rules for the Consumer Product Safety Commission - 8/14/08
Propane Explosions Causes Thousands to Flee
Posted 08/11/08
CICC Co-Sponsors "CFATS" Conference
CSU Long Beach Campus - 07/31/08
Dow Acquires Rohm and Haas in $18.8 Billion Deal
Posted 07/10/08
Former California Congressman Cal Dooley to Head ACC
Posted 07/10/08
Science Advisory Panel Completes Report
38 Green Chemistry Options Presented to DTSC - Posted 06/04/08
Olin Evaluates Salt-to-Bleach Plant for California
Posted 05/19/08
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) -101
Kathleen Roberts, Senior Director - ACC Product Stewardship Team - Posted 05/02/08
Under Attack - bisphenol A
Posted 04/18/08
CalEPA Announces '08 Governor's Environmental & Economic Leadership Award
Posted 03/19/08
Chemical Council & Contra Costa Industrial Association Host Anti-Terrorism Security Briefing
Posted 03/06/08
Officials Warn of Risky Levels of Formaldehyde
Hurricane Victims Encouraged to Vacate Mobile Homes - Posted 02/14/08
California Unveils Proposals for 'Green' Chemistry Program
Russell J. Dinnage, Greenwire Reporter - Posted 02/01/2008
State to Probe Development of 'Green' Chemicals
January 31, 2008
Tom Jacob and Martha Murray Join Exec Committee
Posted 01/09/08
Airgas Acquires Industrial Ammonia Operations of Pacific Diazo Products, Inc.
Posted 01/08/08
Basell and Lyondell Complete Merger Creating LyondellBasell Industries
Posted 01/09/08
Reactive Chemical Incidents Blemish Industry Safety Records
Incidents in Florida and Ohio Result in Deaths and Injuries - Posted 01/08/08

2008 Website Articles


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