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CICC Director Arzell Hale's 70th Birthday Celebration


"I had a wonderful 70th birthday! I climbed Telescope Peak, 11,100 feet and a 14 mile round trip.  Royce [my son] was going with me but at the last minute he had to work and couldn't go.  We were both disappointed because we love to be together, but that's life.  I went alone.  It was a beautiful day, no wind and about 65 degrees. Another guy was at the top when I got there and he took my picture for me.  He flew all the way from South Dakota just to climb Telescope because he had heard so much about it.  From the top of the Peak, I could see both Mt Whitney, 14,000 + feet, and Badwater in Death Valley, over 200 ft. below sea level. What a beautiful sight!


The only way it could have been more perfect was if Royce could have been with me. It was a day I will never forget and if I never get to go back this is the one to remember. I was the last one off the mountain so I was very careful coming down, although these old 70 year old feet, bones and muscles were screaming when I got down, but it was certainly worth it!  I am just so thankful for my health at this age and I certainly don't take it for granted.  I thank God every day for being so good to me."  Arzell Hale 10/23/06


Photos in clockwise order: (1) I made it!  (2) There was some snow - five miles into the hike; (3) A note in the book to my son. If we never get to go back, maybe him and his son can climb the Peak someday and read this;  (4) I mounted two little American flags in honor of our men and women in the military;  (5) Badwater in Death Valley; (6) Signing the book.



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CICC Director Arzell Hale's 70th Birthday Celebration


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