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Chemical Industry Council of California

CICC/ DTSC Launch of Pollution Prevention Program

12/11/06 - Voluntary, two-year, multi-media challenge program


Sacramento, CA - The Chemical Industry Council of California (CICC) is proud to partner with Cal/EPA's Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) by inviting the California chemical industry to participate in a voluntary pollution prevention effort.  This program is the culmination of more than a year of scoping meetings, plant visits, concept development, and vetting.


  • The P2 Challenge Program is:
    • Voluntary!
    • A win-win endeavor;
    • Multi-media in scope;
    • Designed to allow companies of all sizes to participate;
    • An opportunity for companies to put their best foot forward and be recognized for their efforts;
    • Consistent with product stewardship, sustainable development, and pursuit of the triple bottom-line;
    • Open to any company involved in the business of chemistry in the State of California (manufacturers, distributors, formulators, transporters, etc);
    • Open to accept multiple project applications from a single company;
    • Open to all industry participants regardless of CICC membership.


  • The P2 Program is not:
    • A competition;
    • A regulatory program or precursor to new regulation;
    • A regulatory permit or sanction to proceed with a project where regulatory authorization is otherwise required.


CICC extends sincere thanks to our member company representatives: Arzell Hale (Searles Valley Minerals), Lisa Johnson (Hasa), Sandy Galganski (Dow), John Killey (Agrium), and Donna Murphy (J.R.Simplot).  Our team represented large, medium and small companies; and made certain that participation criteria have been established in a manner that will allow companies of all sizes to participate. 


CICC also recognizes and thanks DTSC personnel: Tim Ogburn, Jessie Schnell, Relly Briones, Alan Ingham, and Stan Phillippe for their tireless efforts in initiating and promoting the program.  In November, DTSC Director, Maureen Gorsen, met with the CICC Board of Directors and members at Cal/EPA headquarters to discuss and informally launch the program.  We wish to express our sincere thanks to Director Gorsen, for her leadership.  Without her support, the program would not be possible.


CICC also expresses our appreciation to members of DTSC's SB 1916 Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee: Robin Bedell-Waite, chair, Jody Sparks, the David Arrieta for their comments and suggestions during the vetting process.



Click on any of the following links for program details


[Joint DTSC/CICC Announcement and Invitation Letter]


[P2 Challenge Program Poster]*


[Project Application Information Document]


[Project Application Form]



* Note: Companies please reproduce P2 Poster and place on bulletin boards

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